Tiffany M. Smith, Founder + CEO -   The Modern Hello.

Tiffany M. Smith, Founder + CEO - The Modern Hello.


OVERVIEW | The Modern Hello. Business Center is an incubator that is specifically tailored to offer women owned startups a shared operation space. By providing this space, our entrepreneurs enjoy a collaborative work environment with invaluable mentoring and networking opportunities, skill building workshops, funding support and shared equipment. In short, we offer fledgling young companies a warm, safe place to grow and prosper. We are looking to provide Grants for Women Owned Small Businesses.

Short Summary

I have a passion for helping women just like you achieve their maximal potential in their business, livelihood and fiduciary well-being. which placed me on a path to pursue a vocation of consulting in the areas of: Business Consulting, Business Management & Development, System Automation & Web Development. It all began over fifteen year ago while I was doing my first internship for City Council of Philadelphia and the County Courthouse where I had the opportunity to learn how to help the public through information  that had a direct impact of their lives. What I learned while serving the public it ignited a passion within me that made me want to gain knowledge that I could share with others that can help them become successful. Shortly after my internship, I met a person who provided me with a chance to learn about Residential Real Estate Property Management. Not only did I learn about how to manage assets I learned the essential skill of building strong relationships. My corporate experience includes Commercial and Residential Lending, Relationship Banking with an educational background based in Business Management, Real Estate and Accounting.

The reason I am telling you all of this about my background is not to just list a bunch of accolades but to help you start to churn the thoughts in your mind about all of the wonderful experience you have that already lives within you. If you really sit back and think about all of the work you have done over the span of your life whether it was paid or unpaid, these are skills that you have that can be used to build your own successful business. Over the years, I found myself always helping someone with something that I learned or was innately in me – like my passion for art and creating designs. Believe it or not my first dab in entrepreneurship was as a teenager fashion designing, constructing clothes and doing design consultations. It was really fun to use my natural talent to create something that was in someone else’s mind, that they would described to me and I would bring it to life. I meet a lot of women now who share with me the life they want to have and I help them design a business that fits their unique dreams. There is a surface difference of creating a gown and creating a sustainable business but the mindset is the same; Turning a Dream into a Reality.

This campaign is important to me because I want to have the opportunity to create a long reaching impact on my local community with a focus on providing the necessary tools and resources to women who want to start their own business. I feel that its not typically a lack of drive that stops women from starting their own business usually it is a lack of resources or access to vital information.

Individuals that decide to contribute to the funding of this campaign will assist women owned small businesses with access to funding, mentors, skills development programs and a collaborative work environment that can make a world of difference to their success.

Our focus is to use the contributions specifically to provide grants directly to the women owned businesses and fund workshops from Industry experts in the areas of securing business funding, financial holding, public relations, customer service and business technology. 


- Unlimited Wi-Fi
- E-Faxing+Scanning+Copying+Printing
- FedEx / UPS Shipping + Collection
- Office Supplies + Business Resources  
- Coffee, Tea and Filtered Water
- Microwave, Toaster Oven + Fridge
- Complimentary Parking
- Access To Conference Table + Chairs
- Monthly Networking Event

What We Need & What You Get

  • We are seeking $25,000 to be used as follows: $10,000 Grants for Women Owned Small Businesses and the remaining $15,000 will used for the workshops, business education programs and operating cost.

  • All of our contributors will be recognized on our Company Website. Our Contributors of $500 or more will have their name and/or business placed on our recognition wall in the Business Center.

  • In the case we do not reach our full goal we will look to do all that we can with the funds that we receive to provide micro-grants to women owned small businesses and towards operating cost to provide smaller business education programs.

The Impact

This project is valuable to our contributors and to the world because we are looking to really change the scope of how women entrepreneurship is viewed. This is an opportunity to really assist a women with creating the foundation for a legacy that can build and grow into the creation of more jobs, services and goods that will have a positive on the community at large.

I have successfully assisted many of my personal clients go from idea to implementation. I have assisted clients open their first as well as second businesses, purchase their own commercial real estate to operate their business and be placed in a position to employ others through the business I assisted them in starting. 

I want to help more women at a faster rate, provide access to the strong business network I have built and deepen community relationships. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that some people cannot contribute, but that doesn't mean you cannot help us with our efforts. We ask that you share our mission with your network to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Don't Forget to use the available sharing tools!

Thank You!